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Stinging Nettle Slug Caterpillar (Cup Moth)

family Limacodidae

These caterpillars are custom built with every conceivable self-protection device imaginable.

Bright, garish colors which are like danger signs in nature saying “I taste awful” or “I am loaded with poison; multiple stinging barbs which inflict painful and persistent burning rashes (on humans anyway); false eyes pointing in every direction to say ” I see you, you can’t surprise me”; a head end that looks the same as the rear end so there can be no potential surprise attack from behind; and specific to the Limacodid caterpillars (who actually have no true legs, hence the slug in their name), a sticky adhesive underside that makes them very difficult to prise off their food plant.

With that in mind, stinging nettle caterpillars are often not hard to find. They don’t conceal themselves day or night and will often be in the most conspicuous of locations. Basically, they have little to fear.

Pu’er, Yunnan, China

View my other images of Limacodid Caterpillars from China (Beijing and Yunnan) in my Flickr set, Limacodid (Cup Moth) Caterpillars.

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#GazaUnderAttack | Hamas captures Israeli drone in Shejaiya - Video

#GazaUnderAttack | Hamas captures Israeli drone in Shejaiya – Video

Featured Image -- 6898

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Published on Aug 25, 2014

Israel is pressing ahead with its deadly military campaign against the Gaza Strip. At least 11 Palestinians have lost their lives in fresh airstrikes on the coastal enclave.

The raids which targeted an area in Gaza City, have also injured a number of…

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Intellect is the best weapon.

Chess Problems, late 1300s, in Book of Chess Problems. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Ms. Ludwig XV 15, fol. 31.

This page on view at the Getty July 8–September 21, 2014.

Your move. 

Next chance to add your illumination to The Chivalry Project? Tomorrow, drop in between 11am and 3pm

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Physics prints by Justin VanGenderen

Available here & here.

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Some exceptions in biology: Poisonous birds

Some exceptions in biology: Poisonous birds

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poisinous venomous

Credit: snakebuddies.net

The drawing above is a rather accurate representation of a saying that I read a few months ago:

“If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.”

-Credit: @SciencePorn Feb 4, 2014

This saying essentially illustrates the practical difference between toxins and venoms.  Definition-wise, I…

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Greater Bilby (Macrotis lagotis)

The greater bilby, often referred to simply as the bilby since the lesser bilby became extinct in the 1950s, is an Australian species of nocturnal omnivorous animal in the Peramelemorphia order.

Greater bilbies live in arid areas of central Australia. Their range and population is in decline. It makes its home in a burrow that spirals down, making it hard for its predators to get in.

Greater bilbies are nocturnal omnivores that do not need to drink water, as they get all the moisture they need from their food, which includes insects and their larvae, seeds, spiders, bulbs, fruit, fungi, and very small animals. Most food is found by digging or scratching in the soil, and using their very long tongues.

Greater bilbies are generally solitary marsupials; however, there are some cases in which they travel in pairs. They are considered as “Vulnerable" by the IUCN.

photo credits: wildlifesydney, oddanimals, geeveston

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# PALESTINE /// Cartographic Representation of the Bombings’ “Atmospheric” Impact in Gaza

# PALESTINE /// Cartographic Representation of the Bombings’ “Atmospheric” Impact in Gaza

Originally posted on The Funambulist:

Maps of Gaza by the UN Office for Coordination of Human Affairs (August 2014) – Selected and Augmented with 200-meter radius circles for The Funambulist (August 15, 2014)
Download a high-resolution version of the map here (9MB)
(license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 4.0)

When it comes to the Israeli enforced organization of space in…

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Sweet Lavender. Illustration by Katharine Cameron from  ’The Flowers I Love.’
Published 1917 by Frederick A. Stokes co. in New York .                    


Sweet Lavender. Illustration by Katharine Cameron from  ’The Flowers I Love.’

Published 1917 by Frederick A. Stokes co. in New York .